How Expensive is it to Buy Loose Diamonds?

Diamonds would not be the highly sought after commodity they are if they were not expensive. They would not be considered both the most perfect and romantic gift and one of the world’s most stable and profitable investments if they were not defined by their rarity and their subsequent high value. Nevertheless, some diamonds are more expensive than others, and a lot of this depends on the form that they take at the time of purchase. It certainly pays, therefore, to be aware of the different kinds of diamonds available on the market.

The added value of jewellery

Many people end up paying far more than is necessary for their diamonds because they are purchasing diamonds already shaped and set into a piece of jewellery. Whether it’s a gold ring or a silver necklace, the mere act of creating a piece of jewellery from a loose diamond will increase its cost exponentially, not only due to the additional materials used in the manufacturing process, but also due to the labour and skill invested by the craftsman in question. This is fine if one is buying a single diamond, or a set of diamond jewellery, as a gift for a loved one or a treat for oneself, but the serious investor or collector will be seeking to maximise their value.

Loose diamonds are perfect for the investor

The eternal cost-benefit struggle is the reason why many people seeking diamonds as an investment look to buy loose diamonds. Such diamonds are no less beautiful and unique than their rarefied jewellery-mounted counterparts, but tend to be considerably cheaper and are mostly bought as an investment. The real trick to getting the best deal on your loose diamonds investment is buying wisely.

Know your diamond varieties

The first thing to know is that there are several factors affecting the cost of loose diamonds: colour, clarity, carats and cut. There is also the matter of whether the stones are natural or artificial diamonds. Set your budget at the beginning of the search, so you already have some idea what kinds of diamonds are out of the running. Check online before you see any sellers face to face and see what types of diamonds most interest you. There is no shortage of sites providing the buyer with a great variety of information on different gemstones – and what subsequent appreciation in value to expect after buying.

See the diamonds in real life before making a decision

Visit your local jewellers to see how the types of diamond look in real life – and what they are charging. You will be able to check the carat weight, the clarity of the stone and the different features given by different cuts. Trying a few different jewellers means you will receive a variety of different quotes and will be well on your way to investing in loose diamonds with confidence.

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