Four Frugal Treatments for Teething in Babies

There is never a dull moment once you bring home your new bundle of joy. For me, my little one started off life with acid reflux, which was a very hard experience for both of us to endure. So of course when the reflux begins to slowly fade away and her schedule is almost flawless, up pops the new stage of teething. With hundreds of teething products on the market, I sought out to find the most frugal and effective options. Here are four teething solutions that will not break the bank –

  1. Chamomile Tea: Chamomile tea is famous for easing tummy ailments and having an overall calming affect. In fact, Hyland’s Natural Teething Tablets have chamomile in them. However, the cost of teething tablets can add up. Preparing her bottle with diluted, warm organic chamomile tea makes a world of difference for nighttime and that infamous “witching hour”. Around 2-3pm, Ellie’s gums seemed to bother her more, and she was just crankier in general to begin with. The tea has a calming affect on her, and I believe it helps take away some of the gum pain. Of course, please consult with your child’s physician before introducing anything new into their diet.
  2.  Teething Amber Necklace: Amber teething necklaces are all the rage among natural moms, but do they really work? Baltic amber is not a stone, but instead a resin that releases healing oils when worn that are then absorbed into the skin. These oils act like a natural Ibuprofen. sent me a Baltic amber baby necklace to try out. After my little one had worn it on her wrist for a few days, I noticed that she gnawed on her hands less and did not have as much interrupted sleep. I saw the real proof of this necklace when I left it off for two days, and a cranky, teething baby returned with a vengeance. The best part is that these necklaces can be worn by your child into the first years, helping with other growing pains and irregular moods.
  3. Frozen Pacifier: One of my little one’s favorite teething relief is her pacifier right out of the freezer. She uses the Soothie style pacifiers which have a longer “nipple” than most pacifiers. Because the pacifier is made with silicone, it will become cold in the freezer without becoming hard. My daughter has rejected several other teethers that are meant to be put in the freezer.
  4. Tommee Tippee Chewther: If you must buy a teether, the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Chewther 3m+ Stage 1 is the way to go. This funny looking teether looks like a football player’s mouthpiece, and it fits into baby’s mouth like one too, I recommend checking out pinokyo for babies where you will find the best accessories. It allows baby to chew all over, simultaneously. My daughter loves to alternate chewing and sucking on this device, and just like a real football player’s mouthpiece, it creates a lot of spit. You can find these at your local stores for about $5-6. Also at My Baby Planet, you can find anything you may need for your new born baby like baby gates for stairs or toys.

The teething stage can be very troublesome for many parents. For more informations, check here: