How to Save Money with Loyalty Cards

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Everyone recognizes the importance of saving money whether it’s through bulk buying on ‘BOGOF’ offers or using your local 99p store. Supermarkets are looking to save money too, through low-cost forms of advertising such as loyalty cards. A variety of shops are always trying to encourage us to buy more, as they realize that in today’s market, it costs more to gain a new customer than it does to maintain an existing one. More and more businesses are introducing loyalty schemes with the use of a loyalty card in which they award their customers for their repeat purchases.

Nevertheless let’s not be fooled, we don’t have to be a loyal customer in order to make the most of these cards; we can easily exploit them in order to save us some money.

It’s easy to become loyal

Signing up for loyalty card has never been easier, most establishments only require a name and email address or home address. There’s no array of forms for you to fill out, or any personal information required. It’s usually very simple to obtain one too, just ask at your favorite shop if they have a loyalty scheme and they’ll be more than happy to give you all the details. They are also easy to carry around and cost you nothing.

Shop till you drop

The best part about loyalty cards is that they award everybody for the shopping they would do anyway. Before purchasing your items your card is swiped and whatever you spend is converted into points, which ranges between shops. The points you have collected can then be redeemed at a later date on your next shop. Sometimes it’s great when you don’t point check regularly as to your surprise you’ve created a great bundle ready for your next shop.

There’s not much point shopping somewhere you never usually go in order to earn points it’s much better to use loyalty cards in shops you frequently use.

Shops often research into your buying patterns, using various services such as loyaltypro, which makes them aware as to whether you’re close to receiving a voucher, what product offers may be of value to you and ways in
which they can retain you as a loyal customer.


Restaurants have jumped on the loyalty-card train too. They sometimes run a special promotion for those with a loyalty card. This can often entitle you to free items from their menu such as deserts or a free drink. Pizza establishments often award customers with a buy one pizza and get one free. You can treat the family and eat more for less!

Sign up to a mailing list

Signing up to a mailing list allows you to keep on top of your points. You’ll also be sent out regular updates, new offers and various ways in which you can maximize your points.

Everyone is looking to save money whether it’s shopping for groceries, clothing, cosmetics or petrol etc. The biggest benefit for you as a consumer is that it gives you an economic advantage when shopping. 

This guest post has been created by Sally Williams who loves money saving tips.