Holiday Side Hustles

Here on Everything Finance, we’ve covered countless ways to save money during the holidays. Today, I’m going to focus on some ways to score some extra money to use on all those presents you still need to buy for everyone on your list.

It’s still early enough to squeeze in some extra moneymaking ventures before the holiday festivities are once again upon us. Try out some of the following methods to pad your bottom line just in time for the late December gift-giving.

Sell Stuff on EBay

Yup, the tried-and-true method for making some extra dollars is especially effective during the holiday season. More people will be using the service since it’s the biggest shopping season of the year, so capitalize on the additional traffic to the site by selling your unused items – now.

Before you dig out those holiday decorations, spend a day with your family doing recon on the items you may be able to sell. Check your garage, attic space, and closets for forgotten items that you can offer up on EBay and sell now – before you run out of time to do your own last-minute shopping.

Work from Home

Now more than ever, there are great ways to make money from the comfort of your own home on the ‘net. You can review websites for Google by checking out companies such as Lionbridge. Google, social networks, and other online companies contract the service to review their products. For that job, the company needs hoards of virtual workers – so the agency’s always hiring.

You can also try out freelance matching services such as Elance, Odesk, or Guru for some extra holiday cash. Post a resume and score projects that can make you a quick buck before the holidays arrive. You can offer a range of services depending upon your area of expertise – for example, you could become a virtual assistant, do social media marketing for someone, or write articles.

Holiday Day Care

If you have small kids, consider running a “holiday day camp” once or twice this month, before the season kicks into high gear. Simply get the word out to your friends, family, and/or church members that you’ll be offering one all-day babysitting session to allow people to get their shopping and wrapping finished up in secret.

You’ll definitely have plenty of takers, given than schools and other activities all shut down during the holidays. Make sure you place a cap on the number of kids you’ll agree to watch – too many will overwhelm you and could potentially become a safety hazard. If you’re anticipating a big turnout, enlist help from a couple of friends, but be prepared to split the earnings if you decide to take on the extra help.

Christmas Decorating Crew

If you’re handy, try assembling a team of workers and advertising outdoor Christmas decorating services for your neighbors. Print up some simple flyers and spend an afternoon stuffing mailboxes with your ad. Then, grab your ladder and your helpers and get crackin’.

String up Christmas lights, set up outdoor decorations, hang wreaths, and do any other outdoor decorating tasks your clients need finished. Job sizes may vary, so consider charging by the hour to ensure you’re paid fairly for your time.

Keep this in mind – there are countless other ways to make some quick cash during the holidays. The trick is to find a holiday need that many people share and capitalize on that need quickly. You’ll rake in the extra bucks, which will help prevent you from maxing out your cards to get your gifts this year.