Best Gift Ideas under $50

under 50Cheap gift ideas are great for the non-VIP’s in your life, like co-workers, bosses, friends and acquaintances. But what happens when your gift happens to be for someone who is pretty high up there on the list?

Don’t fret. We’ve got the best gift ideas under $50 for all the important people in your life.

Gift Ideas For Your Mom

Mom is definitely one of the hardest ones on the list. Who doesn’t want to make their mom happy? Here are some great gift ideas under $50 for your mom.

Lunch date!
Most moms love spending time with their children. So instead of a gift, how about the gift of time? Make a lunch reservation at a trendy place you’ve been wanting to try. Lunch is definitely cheaper than dinner. And even the nicest lunches can come in under $50.

Chico’s has some really cute watches that look a lot more expensive than they really are. I scored a nice silver watch with a white face for $45, including taxes.

Gift Ideas For your dad

Anything sports-related
Most dads have at least one sport they’re really into. Cater to your dad’s tastes and select something they can use. Whether it’s a new basketball, some golf items, or a racquet, a lot of sports items can easily come in under $50.

Personalized Beer Mugs
For the drinker in your life, personalize some beer mugs. For my dad’s bar, I got him four beer mugs that say “Mark’s Bar” on them. They were a hit.

Gift Ideas For your in-laws

Personalized Blanket
For the people who raised your spouse, especially your mother-in-law, you can never do enough to impress (if your mother-in-law is anything like my mother-in-law). I always try and go the more personal touch with in-laws for this very reason. A personalized blanket with a picture of grandchildren/pets/family photo etc.

Personalized pie tin for the chef in the family
I love this personalized pie tin from Red Envelope. It’s great for any chef in the family.

Gift Ideas For your wife

Whatever you do, don’t get your wife anything home-related. And if you insist that she really does want that vacuum, then make it your second gift to her, not your first.

Wine tasting date
Most wives, especially when kids come into the picture, miss being wined and dined. How about getting your parents or the in laws to watch the kids and treating her to a date? With the advent of Groupons, Living Socials, etc. it’s become extremely easy to book. Wine tastings for two easily come in around $30, leaving you an extra $20 for some flowers from the supermarket and a splurge on a cheese plate.

Everyone can use a break and so can your wife. Book a low-priced massage and promise to watch the kids so she can enjoy complete relaxation.

Gift Ideas For your husband

Personalized cuff links
Businessman? A nice pair of monogrammed cuff links will often do the trick.

Video game
Don’t have a businessman? Then give the video game junkie in your life some new video games to play. Maybe one you can play together?