Best Gift Ideas Under $100

gifts_under_100-fixedIf you decided that cheap gift ideas and gifts under $50 are just not for you, then chances are you’re probably a big spender, but this year, you’ve felt the economic crush and still wish to cut back just a bit. Fear no more–these gifts are all under $100, but definitely will still make you feel like the big gifter you wish to be.

A spa day
For the important and perhaps stressed out woman in your life, give her a gift any woman would enjoy: a spa day. Thanks to Groupon and Living Social, booking a spa day for under $100 is extremely possible. But don’t just buy her the gift certificate. Schedule the treatments for her, and take care of the children. Don’t give her a reason to put it off–mama needs a break.

A decadent bottle of alcohol
My dad has a bar that he loves to stock but can’t usually afford to splurge for the good stuff. We almost always give him a nice bottle of alcohol from Costco.

These moccasins from LL Bean are heaven on earth. Once you have them, you’ll wonder what you’ve been missing all your life. Splurge on a pair of moccasins.

Tool Kit
The manly man in your life will love having a tool kit. If he’s anything like my husband who only tried to use the tool kit once on our new water filter pitcher, he won’t actually use said tool kit, but it will make him feel good that it’s there.

Survival Kit
With the onset of AMC’s The Walking Dead and the impending doom of the end of the world, the need for a survival kit has never been greater. As our annual gift one year, my company gave us an emergency backpack to keep in our cars, stocked with flashlights, batteries, dried food packs, a solar blanket and suchy. Create one for the loved ones in your family. It will be that gift that they didn’t know they really wanted.

What man wouldn’t love to have grade-A steaks delivered right to his door? Omaha steaks offers packages at all levels for the carnivore in your life.

Art of Shaving set
My husband is a huge fan of this shaving set. They are a bit pricey which means it’s definitely on the Christmas Wish List every year.

Women love jewelry and nice pieces can be had for the under $100 mark if you do your research right.

Chef’s KnifeĀ A nice chef’s knife, like Wusthof or Henkels, is a great gift for the chef in the family. These knives are durable, sturdy and excellent quality. One of those things a chef would probably love but never actually buy for themselves since it’s considered a splurge.

A good razor
My husband, who has to shave daily for his job, has wanted a nice razor for years. Your husband might like an electric razor–make the process easier. But my husband needs the clean cut look that only a razor can provide. Art of Shaving also sells high end razors.

A bathrobe
As a gift one year, I received a plush red bathrobe with my initials monogrammed on it. I LOVE it and it definitely comes in handy during the colder months.

Silk pajamasNothing will make her feel as decadent as a pair of silk pajamas.