Super-Size your Home

backyard swimming pool

backyard swimming pool (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You walk into your favourite room to enjoy a morning cup of coffee, and the dog is in your easy chair, the kids are playing computer games on the couch and your significant other has started a 10,000 piece puzzle on the floor. There’s no place for you to sit. Buying another chair won’t solve the problem because the cats will take it over. Sitting in the bedroom with your coffee and looking at the pile of laundry just won’t do. Maybe you need more space. Upsizing your home is a great way to add value to your property and give you a more comfortable place to live.

A Sunroom Adds Inexpensive Living Space
Renting a storage locker from a removalist company to clear up clutter in a home is one answer, but is it the best one? Upsizing your home by building an additional room or floor is certainly one way to add more space. These options, though, can be expensive, costing tens of thousands of dollars. One option that presents itself between renting a storage locker and building an addition is adding a sunroom to a home.

For about the price of paying monthly fees for a good-sized storage locker over a period of five years, an expansive sunroom can be added to a home. A sunroom is a glass-enclosed structure with wood or aluminium framing and doors. They are offered in various prefabricated models and can be set up in a day or two. Customized sunrooms designed and built to fit onto individual homes are also available although these are more expensive.

A sunroom is a great room to relax and take in sun and fresh air without outside critters ruining the experience. A kiddie swimming pool can be set up, giving children a safe place to play. Sunrooms can become party rooms to hold an evening cocktail event or a barbecue get-together. Add a small desk and a chair, and you have an office for business. A sunroom can be an ecological paradise, managed with blinds and shades to provide a breezy, cool room in summer and warmth in winter. Add potted herbs and dwarf fruit trees, and you have fruit for breakfast and spices for cooking.

Solar Can Be Expensive
If your house is too large and it uses too much energy, money can be saved by retiring extra rooms. Turn off the heat and cooling to these rooms and energy costs will go down. Blinds over windows will cut down on energy use. These are all cheap and easy ways to cut back on energy consumption.

Solar panels are good if you live in the right area where the sun can be used to an economic advantage. Remember, though, that the initial cash outlay to set up a solar panel system can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Up the Up Staircase
Stairs are great when you’re young, and you run marathons and play soccer on weekends. As you age, those stairs become obstacles and a pain in the butt. If you’re at the stage where various creaks and pain are visiting your body, you may need to downsize your home. Selling a home that could be hazardous for you for a smaller home with safety features could be what is needed.

Whether you need to upsize or downsize your home, many economical options are available to be certain that your home is just right for you. Many people borrow against their property, or refinance their current loan, and firms such as Smartline mortgage brokers provide options for either case. These options will save you money and make your home more liveable.