Be aware of the decisions made

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Solicitors are the people who deal with matters of law, advising clients on their cases and preparing them for barristers, who play the role of presenting the situations in higher courts. Such people should be trustworthy and aware of their attributions. Making wrong decisions and mistakes must be avoided at all costs because that might lead to their clients losing considerable amounts of money and financial difficulty. In the unwanted situation when this does occur, one should be entitled to pursue legal action as well as the chance of suing a solicitor. Even if this might turn out to be a lengthy process, when dealt with accordingly, chances of success are increased.

12Bolt Burdon Kemp is one of the companies which deal with such cases and situations, having a highly competent team of professionals. They aim to provide top quality services to all their clients, as soon as possible.  When a case has potential, BBK operates a no win no fee agreement so that the client does not have to pay anything if his/her case is not approved. The company only receives the set amount of money after a favorable decision has been made in court. Until then, there is no profit involved.

When putting forward a professional negligence claim, legal advice and assistance should be required in order to be sure that all documents and paperwork are correctly submitted to court. Failure to do so may lead to unsuccessful cases, wasted time and money. That’s the last thing a client wants when being in such a situation.

12Another problem caused by not paying attention to terms and conditions included in the agreement signed by clients, who can either be people or smaller companies, is rate swap. This basically means that people borrow a set amount of money from the bank for example, and they are not made aware of how the interest rates are going to be, when returning the needed sum.  The next thing they know is that they have to pay considerably higher amounts to the one responsible for the loan. Chances are they might have willingly agreed to do so, when signing the contract.  Miss selling interest rate swaps are challenging to deal with and if one thinks he has been involved in such a case, taking legal action as soon as possible is recommended.