Most Beautiful Places in Florida

When you visit Florida, be prepared to enter a tropical paradise. While most families head there with Florida park tickets to visit the likes of Disney World and Universal Orlando, there is also a beautiful coastline to be enjoyed. Whether you visit South Beach in Miami or choose the relaxing Vanderbilt Beach in Naples, Florida is a mecca of tropical treasures for anyone who loves the sun. Here are 5 places that any person must visit when he or she books a trip to Florida. Just don´t forget that Social Media Management Miami can handle any SEO problems you may have.
1. Vanderbilt Beach

Vanderbilt Beach is located in Naples, FL. This is the beach that is most frequently visited by locals in town. When you visit this beach, you will have a stunning view of the luxurious hotels located on the coastline. Because it is one of the more private beaches in town, you will also find some open space on the beach. If you want to feel like you are in true tropical paradise, then grab a daiquiri at the Ritz Carlton right next door to the beach.

2. Siesta Key

Siesta Key is another hidden gem in Florida. Be sure to visit this small beach town for its annual art fair. Hundreds of artists from Florida and around the country gather in Siesta Key for the annual Siesta Key Craft Festival. The white sand beaches are another reason to visit this top beach town. You can even relax and do yoga on the beach or take painting classes on the beach in this quiet beach town.

3. South Beach

There are a lot of things to do in Miami. South Beach is located right off of Key Biscane Boulevard in Miami, Florida. South Beach is home to some of the hottest celebrities, including Donatella Versace. If you want the ultimate exclusive night club experience, then visit the Versace Mansion on Ocean Boulevard. There are a variety of other night clubs located on Ocean Boulevard that can give you the time of your life. The actual beach is one of the largest in Florida and is the place to go if you are comfortable with nudity on some specially designated parts of the beach.

4. Boca Raton

Downtown Boca Raton hosts a variety of small boutiques that any shopper will enjoy. These boutiques feature designers like Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Pompano Beach is located right on the outside of Boca Raton is another beautiful area of the city to visit.

5. Gainesville

Gainesville is home to the University of Florida and is often referred to as the most sophisticated city in Florida. The city is filled with college grads who embrace their unique style, and the city gives off an eclectic vibe. While you will not find any beaches surrounding Gainesville since it is located in the center of Florida, you will find charming residential areas surrounding the town. A variety of rare bookstores can also be found in the heart of Gainesville, making it the perfect place for one who enjoys intellectual pursuits in life.

By visiting any of these top 5 places in Florida, you will experience the unique beauty that this state has to offer. Florida is a state unlike any other, because you can have the best of tropical beach life and charming residential areas.