Since When Did These Things Become So Expensive

When did life get so expensive? There are so many things that have shot up in price over the last few years. Here are some of the most common cost concerns and what you can do about them.

Sporting Equipment

You wouldn’t think that a baseball bat would be so expensive but it is! It’s common for the cost of equipment to run into the hundreds of dollars—hundreds of dollars that you probably do not have.

You can save money by shopping thrift stores and yard sales like it’s your new favorite thing to do. You can also save money by making your own gloves. You can find baseball glove patterns online and sew your own for a fraction of what you would pay for one of the factory built varieties.


At nearly four dollars a gallon (and over in some places) it’s no wonder that people are freaked out. Spending upwards of $60 a week on gas is not something that anybody wants to pay.

Bicycles get you around just as easily as a car and are better for the environment and for your body. It’s great exercise and maintenance costs on a bike are incredibly low. You could also buy a monthly transit pass for that same amount and take the bus or the train to and from work.


Clothes are getting more expensive every single day. Even the stores that are supposed to give you “discount prices” charge a lot for their stock.

To save money here, you can start by taking really good care of the clothing that you have now. Washing and drying it properly, storing it well, etc. This helps your clothes last as long as possible. When you need something new, there are always thrift stores, yard sales and the Internet to be scoured, sure. You’ll save even more money over the long haul, though, if you learn to sew at least the basics for yourself.


How is a box of cereal more than five dollars now? It’s insane! If you want to eat organic and healthy foods, the cost is even higher.

You can save money by growing as much of your own fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices as possible. Eating food fresh from the garden tastes better and is better for your body. You’ll always know exactly what you’re putting into yourself. Learning how to make some foods from scratch (like soup, pasta, tortillas, bread, etc) will save you hundreds of dollars a year.


Books, movies, music—you used to be able to buy a paperback book for four or five dollars. Now a good quality paperback costs $14. DVDs are even more expensive and going to a movie? Forget it.

Get a library card! Libraries offer books, movies and music now all for free. Yes you have to take them back after a few weeks but you’ll still get to read and listen to and watch what you want—without having to pay a penny.

What other cost saving measures can you think up?