Stay on Track with your Financial Resolutions

new yearKathleen spent years trying to walk away from her constant need for the latest “must have” products, but the idea of saving money quite simply wasn’t a part of her financial plan. After a local expert came to her classroom to teach her students about financial literacy, Kathleen realized that she hadn’t considered the ramifications of spending in her own life and was not as financially fit as she once thought.

Kathleen’s revelation led her to begin a journey towards better financial stability, allowing her to start the new year with an appropriate plan of attack and a plethora of resources to be successful.

So, now you’re thinking – how can the rest of us stay on track to successfully meet our goals by year end – whether they are financial-based or not? Motivation is key, but it can be difficult to maintain without a little help. We are already well on our way into 2013, and while our New Year’s resolutions may have squeaked by January unscathed, the hustle and bustle of everyday life has funny ways of throwing us off our game.

Green Bay, Wisconsin-based Associated Bank, recently launched a new web tool that can help. The site,, is designed to help people identify sources of inspiration and harness that inspiration as motivation to achieve key life goals, whether they’re financial, like owning a home, starting a business and setting a sound foundation for retirement, or personal, like getting healthy or connecting more with your family.

Users set up a personalized profile where they identify a goal, describe what is inspiring them to achieve that goal and track their results along their “journey” via a checklist of key milestones and a multimedia journal that captures observations about their progress.

In addition to the inspiration that users identify, the site is designed to give users an extra nudge. It includes a wide range of free resources to guide users along their journey, like career advice on professional networking, tips for buying a new car and learning what it takes to be a good school board member. There is also a community function for users to share their journey so members can draw inspiration from one another’s goals, follow each other throughout their journey and offer encouragement along the way. You can connect anonymously or openly to discuss road blocks, seek advice and celebrate success. Last but not least, you can connect your journey to other social media platforms to let people know the progress that you’re making.

Sometimes all the motivation you need to get started is to see someone else succeed. In addition to the various tools and resources available to help you along the way, provides first hand success stories from other users, including unique insights from Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers on what motivates him to achieve his goals both on and off the field.

So, let’s keep those resolutions going. Head over to, create your own journey and checkout all the resources available. And don’t forget to share those milestones!