Fun and Interesting Ways to Invest In Yourself

Invest In YourselfIn a world where we’re always working hard, making deadlines, and scheduling in as many meetings as possible, it can be easy to forget to simply invest in ourselves.

When I say invest in yourself, I don’t mean paying for another college degree or adding a stressor to your life. I mean adding in fun, interesting, and cool things to your schedule. These are probably things you’ve always wanted to do like run a half marathon or see the world. These are the things that get you so excited when you think about them, but you can’t seem to find the time to pursue them.

Well, it’s time to forget the excuses and do what you’ve always wanted! Here are some ideas:

Take a Trip

I don’t mean just any trip. Go somewhere that you have never considered before. Why not try to visit Africa or Iceland or New Zealand? Don’t pick a trip solely based on convenience or high tourism. Take the road less travelled. Find something new. Learn about a unique culture. Return home refreshed and full of ideas for the next one.

Go To A Conference You Actually Want to Go To

We’ve all been to conferences that turned out to be way less exciting than we thought they would be. Wouldn’t it be fun to go to a conference for your hobby or that secret passion you have? Do you love mountain biking? There’s a conference for that. Do you love blogging? There areĀ tons of awesome conferences for that. What about knitting or writing or music? You guessed it. There are conferences for that. Essentially, take some time to do what you love. Investing in yourself doesn’t always have to involve your 9-5. It means taking the time to develop the other passions you have too.

Take a Night Class

Do you wish you would have paid more attention in American History? Do you find yourself loving finance as an adult when you never cared for it as a student? As we get older, our interests change. We find joy in subjects that we absolutely hated in undergrad. So, take a night class! Learn to program! Learn French! Learn about economics! The best part is that it doesn’t matter what grade you get. It’s just for fun. It’s just for knowledge. It’s just to invest in yourself.

Read That Book

This means just what it says. Read that book already! Don’t act like you don’t know which one I’m talking about. It’s the one on your nightstand, the you keep falling asleep reading. It’s the one you read about in the New York Times but can’t seem to remember to buy. It’s that one everyone at work keeps talking about, and you keep nodding your head acting like you read it. Just read it already. Enjoy yourself. Go out on the front porch and read. Turn off the TV and get lost in a good book.

I’m sure there are many other great ways to invest in yourself that are fun and engaging. If you have any other ideas, please list them in the comments below.

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