Debt Heroes – A Book Review

Are you saddled by debt?  If so, don’t be embarrassed or ashamed.  Most of us have debt or have been in debt before.  If you’re deep in debt, you may feel like you’ll never get out of debt.  You may feel discouraged and overwhelmed.

In the new ebook, Debt Heroes by Ben Edwards and Jeff Rose, you can hear from 21 people who have paid off as little as $21,000 in debt to nearly $500,000 in anywhere from 7 months to 8 years.  Woven as a framework around their stories is advice and guidance on how you might get out of debt, too.

Book Features

The strength of this book is the individual debt pay off stories.  Much like overweight people love to ask those who lost weight, “How’d you do it?”, those in debt like to know how others battled their way out.  Some of the 21 people interviewed are heavy hitters in the personal finance blogging world such as J.D. Roth and Adam Baker.  Others have received recent media exposure such as Joe Mihalic who paid off tens of thousands of Harvard student loan debt in just 7 short months.

Each interview is relatively short, generally just a few pages, but you can click on a link to read their full story.

Another strength of this book is how it’s framed around the premise of a heroic journey.  If you think about it, finding the strength to pay down debt is heroic.  It’s often a long, difficult journey, and it takes dedication to change your attitude about, and behavior toward, money.

The book is divided into 5 parts:

  • The Hero’s Journey to Eliminate Debt
  • Destroying Debt
  • Debt Dangers to Avoid
  • Why Be a Hero
  • Summary

Interwoven in these sections is valuable advice about recognizing why you got into debt in the first place as well as strategies to get out of debt.  What I liked most about the book is that the authors don’t argue that one way to get out of debt is better than another way.  They don’t argue that you should pay off your debts with the highest interest first or those with the lowest balance.  Instead, they argue that you must pay off your debts in the way that works best for you and your life.  Then you will be more motivated and get out of debt quicker.

Weaknesses of the Book

Some may argue that the 21 debt stories aren’t comprehensive enough, and that may be true.  However, anyone who wants to learn more about each individual’s debt free journey simply has to click on that person’s link to learn more.

Is the Book Right for You?

This book will likely motivate you and can serve as a helpful guide to both consider why you got into debt in the first place as well as give you strategies and techniques for getting out of debt.  The 21 Debt Heroes come from all walks of life and got into debt for a variety of reasons, so one or more of their stories will probably resonate with you.

For today only, Debt Heroes is available as a free download on Amazon.  If you don’t have a Kindle, don’t worry–you can download the ebook to your computer after you install special software that Amazon makes available for free.