How To Properly File An Auto Claim

Getting into an auto accident is easy enough, but taking care of an auto accident can be a bit more difficult. After you have your auto accident, you start asking yourself several questions. Will you ever see your car again? Will your insurance rates skyrocket? Will you have to get a new car? Knowing how to properly file an auto claim will keep you from stressing out any more than you actually need to.


Know What Type of Coverage You Have


Before you start driving you should shop around for auto insurance coverage that best suits your budget. Do you have liability, collision or underinsured motorist coverage? Look over your coverage every now and then to make sure that you understand all of the fine print and stipulations that may come with your coverage. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with your insurance agent the minute that you have any questions. Dealing with a problem before it becomes a problem makes things easier for the both of you, and your insurance agent much prefers to answer your questions when they aren’t trying to sort through messy claims.


Actually Filing a Claim


While it may not always seem like it, insurance companies like Ifaauto want to make it easy for you to file your claim, have it handled in a timely fashion and close it once you’re satisfied. In order to file a claim, you can call a toll-free number and get in touch with a customer service representative, or you can file your claim online. Be aware that with some insurance carriers you only have the option of filing your claim online. In order to file your claim online, you’ll have to have a user name, password and your social security number. Certain information that you should have when filing a claim includes your insurance policy number, the date of the accident, the location of the accident, a detailed description of the accident, the police report number and the name, address, insurance information and phone number of the other driver.


Rent a Car


If you have rental car coverage included in your insurance policy, get the best rental car that you can so that you can get back to your life. Claims can take a long time to be properly settled, and in the meantime you have things to do. The kind of rental car that you’ll be able to get will be dependent on your insurance, so you may have to settle for a car that isn’t as nice or as new as yours. At the very least you won’t have to worry about waiting for the bus or inconveniencing your friends and family every time that you need a ride. It’s recommended that you talk with your agent before choosing a rental car since there’s a chance that you could be responsible for collision damage to the rental car.


Talk with your agent about low cost auto insurance before you have an auto accident. It also might be a good idea to ask your agent to run you through the claims process before you have to file a claim so that you are better prepared and know what steps you need to take.