Business tests: the top three

When running your own business, there are many obstacles you will encounter and tests you must pass. Whilst this may often seem like a burden, the truth of the matter is that it is often important to put your business under pressure – and here are the top three tests which you should implement:

Financial testing

A business doesn’t run itself on nothing – it needs capital, and plenty of it! To check your start-up has what it takes you need to test the finances. This can mean trialling your services and products to see whether there is a demand for what you’re offering as well as formulating a strong business plan which analyses the potential returns and expected outgoings. Testing your company’s finances is something which can only be done over time and, as they always say, you have to spend money to make money.

Security testing

Software and computer systems are not static items. They are flowing data that interacts with everything around it. The wrong change somewhere else can often ripple through. Sometimes this causes unpredicted changes that slow down or affect the system, these are known as regressions.

As such, it’s important to test your computer system after major changes or developments. You want to ensure everything works in conjunction with each other, so the various methods of system integration testing available will check to make sure this is the case.

Technology is the backbone of any business so make sure this vital component doesn’t fail you. In addition to penetration tests and other security testing, you should also look at ways to protect your technology from the outset. Escrow agreements are perhaps the easiest way to do this and in addition to software agreements you can also get hardware escrow so all components are covered. More specialist options such as SaaS escrow are also available so make sure you consider all the options available.

Confidentiality testing

It may seem like a strange test to end with but you’d be surprised at just how important confidentiality is in the modern world. No customer likes to think their data is going to be passed onto other parties without their permission and similarly other companies, associates and clients want guarantees of trust with those they deal with.

For this reason, it is important that you test the confidentiality of your business. This means ensuring that no unauthorised parties can access any sensitive data and implementing disclosure agreements with your staff to protect your assets. When dealing with organisations or going through a merger or acquisition, a secure due diligence or M&A escrow as it is also known may be a viable option and is certainly something you should consider.

It is important to remember testing is a vital form of learning and only businesses who test themselves regularly will progress or advance.