Best ways to fund expensive dental work

You only get one set of teeth and it’s imperative that you look after them well, says Dr. Brooks from A Town Dental. Whether it’s a root canal, an abscess, or something altogether more traumatic, dental work, however, does not come cheap.

If you need expensive dental work, working out a way to pay for it can sometimes feel like a thankless task. When considering getting the work done, it’s important to sit down and think about your best course of action, with regards to payment. If you visit the Home Page of Rockwest Dental they have a section on their website that let’s you know some options when dental work get’s too expensive.

With this in mind, here are a couple of the best options for funding expensive dental work.

Work out a payment plan with your dentist

Although dentists will often be unwilling to negotiate on the overall price for dental work, they may be willing to negotiate a structured payment plan with you.

This is often the best course of action when it comes to paying for expensive dental work and a discussion with your dentist should be your first port of call. While dentists obviously prefer full payment up front, you must remember that they rely on your business too, and so may be willing to be flexible on their payment terms.

The best thing about negotiating a payment plan with your dentist is that it is often interest free, as long as you adhere to the agreed terms. Consider setting aside an agreed amount each week, by cutting back on a few luxury items, so that your monthly payments can be met with ease.

Sell some unwanted personal items

If you are unable to negotiate a payment plan with your dentist, you must find an alternative way to pay for your much needed dental work.

Selling some unwanted personal items is a great starting point. Trawl your house and sort out all of your unwanted CDs, DVDs, electronics, and clothes, and sell them on a site such as, which will give you great rates for all your unwanted goods.

Not only is this extra money useful for paying for expensive dental work, but it also helps to de-clutter your house.

Consider an interest free credit card

If after selling your unwanted personal items, you still don’t have sufficient funds for that expensive dental work, it could be worth looking into an interest free credit card.

Your dentist may be willing to accept a credit card payment, but, if not, many credit cards also allow you to transfer cash straight into your current account. Taking out an interest free credit card to pay for your emergency dental work is a great way of buying yourself a little time.

While the card may give you anything up to two years of interest free credit, it is, however, imperative that you do not miss a payment and pay the amount back in full by the end of the interest free period. Failure to make payments, or to pay back the full amount on time, could land you in a lot of financial trouble, as the charges will be colossal.

Take out a personal loan

A personal loan should be the absolute last resort when it comes to funding your expensive dental work, but it nevertheless remains a very real option.

There are some great rates available and in some cases a loan may be the only way that you are able to fund your emergency dental treatment. Be sensible, however, and ensure that you have explored all other avenues, as a means of payment, before taking out a loan.