5 New Websites That Save You Big Bucks

Latina LaptopThe Internet is an amazing tool in our pursuit of just about everything. Need a job? Head to Monster or CareerBuilder to peruse local job listings. Want to sell that old couch? Post an ad to Craigslist or Facebook. Looking for your soulmate? Yeah, there are websites for that too.

In fact, the same holds true for saving money on products or services. Shopping online offers a faster and more convenient way to find deals. There are a ton of new online shopping tools designed to help you track discounts, monitor prices and make smarter purchases. Check out these five new websites designed to help you save big bucks without much effort.

1. Shopping Enhancer
Though the Internet offers endless price-comparison tools, finding the best deal can be a time-sink. Google Shopping is a great mechanism to help you find the best price with one glaring problem: search results don’t include Amazon. Hot-off-the-press and still in testing mode, Shopping Enhancer is a browser add-on that finds those Amazon products and includes them in your Google Shopping roundup. The tool is currently available to Safari and Mozilla Firefox users.

2. Inkjet Willy
Shopping is supposed to be fun, yet there are a handful of products everyone hates to buy. Ink cartridges, for example, seem to cost more than the printer itself, making them a highly irritating purchase. That’s where InkjetWilly.com comes in, offering shoppers a new line of defense against highly marked-up ink. You can customize your search by printer and model and find the cheapest ink for your printer with just a few clicks.

3. Get Going
These days being flexible with travel dates and destinations is one of the few ways to save money on a vacation. If you’re a “fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants” kind of person, let GetGoing.com plan your next trip. Select two destinations you want to visit and specify your preferred flight dates and times to receive a quote. If you like the price and book the trip, GetGoing will send you the itinerary for the destination it has selected for you.

4. Harry’s
The masterminds behind Warby Parker are at it again, this time tackling razors. Along the vein of things we hate to buy, Harry’s offers two razor styles with replacement heads being offered for $2 or less. Their razors feature five-blade flexible heads with ergonomically designed handles, and even come in four modern colors. Ultimately, Harry’s makes the purchase of razors far more enjoyable.

5. Greentoe
Are you jonesing for the latest gadget, but not willing to pay the sticker price? There’s a new tool in town to help you score the deal you want on the product you covet. Greentoe.com is the latest website in the name-your-price space, enabling users to specify their price for electronics. The site pitches your offer to several e-retailers and lets you know when it’s accepted. Prices include taxes and shipping, plus you have 14 days to return the item if it doesn’t work out.