3 Tips For Calling Your Credit Card Company

Credit CardI know that not everyone likes talking on the phone. I get it. It can be a little awkward, especially if you are calling your credit card company to ask for something that you want. This could be anything from lowering the interest rate on your card to having some fees waived. It’s very hard to be direct and to simply ask for what you need, especially from a large company that might or might not have your best interest at heart.

However, I want to encourage you to go ahead and give your credit card company a call and just ask! They could say yes, and the worst that can happen is that they’ll say no. There are a few things that could help you in getting the request fulfilled, though, so please check them out below.

1. You Have Been With The Company A Long Time

If you have been a customer at a particular credit card company for the last 30 years, then there is a good chance that they will take your request into consideration. However, even being a customer for 5+ years will show your loyalty. All you have to do is call them and ask them to look up the date that you opened your account. Once they see that it’s been years, they will know you are a loyal customer, and they will be much more inclined to help you.

2. You Have Always Paid Your Bill On Time

If you are calling to ask them to lower your interest rate, you can point out the fact that you have always paid your bill on time. Remind them that you’ve never caused any problems and that you are trying hard to get out of debt. It really depends on the customer service agent who answers the phone. Some of them will be willing to help you and some of them will not. This is a good argument for hanging up and calling back to see if you get a different one who might be more sympathetic to your needs.

3. You’ve Never Made A Payment Mistake (Until Now)

If you are late on a payment and it’s the first offense, you can often call them and ask them to remove the fees. All you have to do is tell them that it’s the first time you have ever been late and explain the situation to them. Whether you simply forgot or have a more serious reason for your late payment, a sympathetic customer service agent will listen to you and will help you if they can.

With these tips, you should be ready to call and ask for your interest rate to be lowered or an annual fee waived. Remember, you can’t get anything that you want unless you ask! I know it can be difficult, especially if it’s concerning something negative like a late payment, but it can be so worth it in the end when you get the problem taken care of.

Have you ever called your credit card company to get what you want? What was the result?

Photo Credit: FreeDitigalPhotos.net.