7 Ways Warmer Weather Can Save You Money

Though for many areas of the country spring seems slow to come, there’s no doubt that it’s on its way.  Even if you still have chilly weather, there’s no denying that the grass is getting greener and the flowers and trees are beginning to bloom.  You can take a hint from Mother Nature this spring and also find plenty of ways to keep the green in your pocket thanks to the warmer weather.

If you think summer is more expensive than winter, consider these many ways you can save money in the summer months:

Grow a garden.  Whether you live on an acre of land in the country or you live in the center of a large city, you can grow some of your own produce.  If space is limited, try container gardening on your deck or patio. You can find a variety of themed indoor gardening containers at Thetreecenter.com. At the very least, you can grow some herbs.  Or, check out a community garden and see if you can use a plot for your produce.  Of course, if you have the land and the energy, you may be able to grow enough for your needs in the summer and part of the fall and winter.

Buy produce at a farmer’s market.  Farmer’s markets around the country are beginning to open.  Shop there to eat local, often organic, in season produce for a steep discount off what you pay in the winter for lesser quality produce.  Buy some extra and freeze it for later.  We do this with blueberries every year and freeze them to see us through the winter.

Have a garage sale.  In the mood for spring cleaning?  While cleaning, set aside the things you no longer use or love and have a garage sale.  Depending on how much stuff you have, you can easily make a few hundred dollars.

Cut the cable.  Who wants to stay inside and watch TV when the weather outside is gorgeous?  Besides, nothing good is usually on television in the summer anyway.  Cut the cable and save yourself a few hundred dollars.  You may find in the fall that you don’t even miss cable.  If you do, just sign up again, but be sure to take advantage of a promotional rate.

Take advantage of free entertainment.  Free entertainment abounds during the summer.  Look in your own city and cities around the area and you’ll likely find free entertainment every month, especially if you live near a college town.  We’ve been able to see free movies, plays and concerts during the summer months.

Walk instead of drive the car.  If you live in an urban area, enjoy the warmer weather and walk when doing your errands instead of driving.  I walk my son to school every morning rather than driving the 1/2 mile.  We get sunlight and exercise.  Plus we enjoy the weather and time spent together.

BBQ instead of going out to eat.  Entertaining at home is easy during the summer.  BBQ at home instead of going out to eat.  Have friends over and play cards or outdoor sports games.  You’ll have more fun and likely save yourself some money.

While summer can be expensive thanks to increased travel and having more time off, it can also be an excellent time to save some money.

What’s your favorite strategy for saving money in the summer?