Structured Settlement Owners Are Very Fortunate

When an injury occurs, the injured party will at some point, be offered a Settlement. This will be either in the form of a Structured Settlement, or a Lump Sum. The cause of the injury doesn’t matter in order to qualify for a settlement offer. It could have been an auto accident, workplace accident, or even falling off of a ladder at your neighbor’s house. The point is that the structured settlement has a lot to offer, but has a built-in surprise.

Benefits Of Receiving a Structured Settlement

The stream of income from the Annuity will be Tax-Free. This is a unique benefit unequaled by other financial-products. Another benefit of an Annuity is that it can be set-up for a lifetime of guaranteed payments. The Life Insurance Company bears the burden of fulfilling the guarantee of payments. The claimant is secured by the full-faith and performance of the Life Insurance Company.

Investment in other financial products can involve major fees. These fees effectively lower the ROI by up to 5.5% per year. You can look forward to such fees as: Investment Management Fees, Legal and Accounting Fees, etc. There are no fees placed on Annuities.

The Big Surprise

The big surprise is that………things change! When you accepted the structured-settlement offer, it sounded great. Fixed payments over a fixed amount of time. Sounds good, that is until that set amount of money is no longer enough to meet your needs. This happens all of the time.

The good news is that if you are an owner of a settlement, you can consider yourself lucky. In these tough economic conditions, and uncertainties, you hold in your hands the key to financial freedom. Do you have any idea how many people wish they had a settlement they could turn into a large lump-sum of cash?

I have many clients who were fortunate enough to be the owner of a settlement. It was not fortunate that they were injured, but now they hold the winning hand. As other folks all around are struggling to pay their bills, a settlement holder can sell their Annuity, and have a windfall of cash.

How they handle this sudden windfall of cash will determine if it was worthwhile to cash-in. Some people have payments due on their Mortgages and Auto Financing, while others need some extra cash for their kid’s college tuition. Some of my client’s have taken their settlement and invested it wisely. They have replaced the income stream, and have investments that are appreciating in value.

Don’t Go It Alone

It would be silly not to enlist the aid of a competent Structured Settlement Broker, such as Einstein Structured Settlements. The value of an established company in this field, with all of their connections and experience is immense. It can mean the difference in the amount of money you are offered for your settlement. Stick with the well-known firms, l always recommend the helpful staff over at Einstein Structured Settlements you can check out their website for selling a structured settlement here.