Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Reap The Rewards

There may be no better incentive to go green than to realize that it can help you save money. Learning to recycle and reduce waste turns out to be one of the smartest financial moves you can make. However, it’s not just your bank account that will benefit if you start living greener. Read on to find out what other rewards you can reap by reducing, reusing and recycling and how to do it.

Recycle old junk.

This doesn’t necessarily mean setting up trash bins for glass, paper and plastic (although this is never a bad idea). But you can get rid of your old clutter and make money without simply tossing it in the trash. For example, you can sift through old clothing and then take everything that you no longer want to a vintage or consignment shop. Pieces that are old but probably not worth a lot of money can be donated to charities.

Repeat the process with paper. Clear out all the shelves in your home by recycling magazines and newspapers; you could also try donating them to your local library. Then, trade in your old books at a used bookstore for ones that you haven’t read yet.

Recycling becomes especially important for manufactured materials like CDs and DVDs. These items can take hundreds of years to breakdown in a landfill, which is why it’s better to recycle them than to throw them away. You can even make it worth your while by selling them online, using a site like Ebay or musicMagpie.

Did you know that you can now recycle your old cars instead of giving it away to a car scrapper? Metal Monkey Recycling offer cash to scrap/recycle cars that have been written off by insurance, accident damaged or failed their MOT. They often offer a better price than the average car scrapper as they reuse the parts. It’s a great way to get good money for your car when the insurance companies are likely to take it away ‘for free’. So scrap car for cash with Metal Monkey and make some money doing it.

Outfit your house for energy reduction.

You could be saving hundreds of dollars more each year by updating your old appliances. Just replacing an old refrigerator with a new Energy Star model could save you up to $100 a year on utilities, and replacing other big energy sappers, like your washing machine and dryer, can help you save even more.

But even beyond the immediate savings that you make on monthly bills, having a more energy efficient household could hold another perk. Many homeowners who are considering refinancing can sign up for a green mortgage which actually gives them points or extends their credit line based upon the amount of money they save each month on energy.

Reduce the amount of trash the you produce.

This is perhaps the simplest way to reap the rewards of a green lifestyle. Reducing the amount of products that you bring into the household that require disposable packaging is a key way to lower your carbon footprint. For example, reusable grocery bags can cut down on plastic bags, just like making use of dish towels in the kitchen eliminates the need for paper towels. And you can subscribe to an online site to read your favorite newspaper each morning instead of getting it delivered to you.

Reducing waste can also be better for your health. Buying more raw fruits, vegetables and other ingredients is better than prepackaged meals, for instance. And investing in a reusable water bottle instead of drinking bottled water may make you more likely to consume more of it. Often, these waste-cutting measures also turn out to be cost-cutters, providing yet another perk for your bottom line.