Three Safe Mom Workouts that Are Worth the Money

twitter1Getting back in shape after baby is a hard task to do. Not only do you have the extra weight to deal with, but you also have exhaustion and lack of motivation. Who wants to spend their free time working out when you have been taking care of a baby all day?

I am ten months postpartum and have just now been getting into a regular workout routine. It has been hard. There are so many workouts on the market right now, but I have found them not to be very mom friendly. If you are a mom that can dedicate yourself to P90X, good for you! For the rest of us, here are mommy-friendly workouts that won’t break your budget.

The Baby Wearing Workout: I wish I had found this website sooner. As a new mom, I wore my little one constantly! You definitely burn a lot of calories while wearing your baby and bouncing them around, but this workout helps you burn even more calories and tone up. The creator’s testimony is just inspiring and amazing. It is so nice to see a real mom lose weight and lead a workout then a lady who has been blessed with extra fit genes.

Cost Factor: Only $9.95 to download it on your computer. There are sample clips on the site.

Time Factor: 30 minutes and time spent with your baby

T-Tapp Basic: I first became interested in the T-Tapp system when another mom blogger said she lost all of her weight from it. The workout looked so easy, but man, does it burn! The moves are simple and safe for any new mom to do. I loved this video, but it can be hard to focus on the right form all of the time.

Cost Factor: A little more costlier at $39.95, but there are videos you can try before you buy.

Time Factor: 15-20 minutes

Fit 2 Be Studios: Many fitness programs do not realize the dangers of sit-ups and other abdominal exercised for new moms. New moms are usually suffering from a separation in their transverse abdominal muscles. Doing more crunches just makes the separation worse and caused the stomach to bulge out. This fitness website was started by a mom who has suffered with abdominal separation. She has created several tummy safe workouts. All of the workouts are also done in modest clothing; one video she even does in her pajamas! Don’t you just hate working out with that fitness model? With Fit 2 Be Studios, you workout with a healthy and fit mom.

Cost Factor: $9.99/mo or $99/year. She offers a free workout when you sign up for her newsletter.

Time Factor: Tons of videos to choose from ranging from 10-30 minutes.

Working out as a new mom is hard to do. These three programs are safe and effective for losing the baby weight. Of course, always be sure to consult your primary physician before starting a workout and diet program.