How to Prep for a Garage Sale

When in the process of paying off debt, you’ll find that you’ll do pretty much anything to try and make more money to pay off that debt a lot faster. Let’s face it—being poor sucks, and watching your hard-earned money go toward debt repayments is a total downer. For this reason, garage sales are often touted as a great way to give your debt repayment morale a boost when you need it most. Ohio carports are a great way to protect your precious vehicle while saving money on a new build.

If the idea of throwing a garage sale is just too daunting, break it up in these simple to-do chunks to make the process easier.

Set the Date First

The very first trick to a garage sale success is to set a date. Make it permanent by marking it on your calendar, telling your friends and family and setting aside that weekend to have a successful garage sale. Often, the biggest hindrance in a successful garage sale is just getting your butt off the couch to actually plan the thing. By setting the date first, you are committing to it.

Designate a “Garage Sale” Space

After you set the date, designate an area of your house, whether the garage, an extra bedroom, the living room, or heck even your own bedroom (it will motivate you to get it done faster!), set some space to place all your garage sale items. As you live your day-to-day life, ask yourself if you really need that item. There are a lot of items that we deemed useful at one time, but realize we haven’t used it in years. Waffle maker? Purses? Office supplies? Entertainment system? Trampoline?

You’ll be surprised by what ends up in the pile and what you can really live without. Goodbye Thighmaster!


Don’t expect a dinky little sign written in marker to be your sole source of advertising. These days a lot of free advertising can be done. Always post on Craigslist and your social media channels Here’s a great post on how to create a Craigslist ad and sell your stuff. Ask your friends to help share your event. Check your local newspaper, which sometimes offer free announcements. And make several signs to help publicize the event the day of. But don’t forget to take them down as soon as your event is done.

Collaborate with Neighbors

Large neighborhood-wide garage sales are often big attractions for bargain hunters. If you can, try and collaborate your garage sale during a neighborhood-wide sale, or heck, start your own by asking neighbors if they’d like to sell on the same day as you. It’s not a competition, and bargain hunters love making a one-stop shop for all their garage-sale finds.

Sell items for friends and family

Often times, friends and family may have a couple of items that they’ve been wanting to get rid of for a while. Offer to sell these items for your friends and family if they were planning on donating it anyway. This will help bring in cash for you and help pay down that debt faster!