Save Money on Your Summer Vacation with These Three Tips

Summer Vacation by faungg

It’s summer time, and if you are lucky this means it is time to go on vacation! You already know that searching online for discounts for hotels and airfare can save substantial amounts of money when you travel; however, did you also know there are other small ways to save? These three tips are painless and simple. Use them to enjoy your vacation on the cheap –

Bring your own food instead of spending money eating out

This is pretty self-explanatory and chances are you may already be doing this. However, there are many modern accommodations that offer full kitchens in their rooms, which will allow you to bring and prepare your own food instead of constantly eating out. Even if you want to enjoy yourself on your vacation, just bringing oatmeal for breakfast and snacks can save your family $100 or more on your trip.

The amount you can save using this tip will vary. If you are in another country, such as Asia, it may not be worth it due to the fact that the food is extremely expensive. However, if you are traveling in the US or Europe it can save a ton of money.

Find deals on local restaurants

In most situations, eating at a local restaurant is going to be much less expensive than a well-known chain restaurant. While traveling can be somewhat overwhelming and you may feel that an expensive meal is a great “treat” you should try to resist the urge. Keep in mind, eating at a local eatery will likely be much more interesting, as well. You never know who will be there or what you may see, and it is bound to be more fun than dining at the local McDonalds. Plus, don’t forget that many local restaurants have deals on Groupon-like sites or on Get a Pennysaver or local newspaper when you first get to your destination to see if there are any coupons.

Take time to research the area you will be visiting

The key to saving money wherever you go is to do your research. Perhaps certain museums have free entrance days (look up how to get free museum entrance with a Bank of America card). Other attractions may have discounts for purchasing in advance or run a special on a deal site. For example, we knew we were going to the Phoenix area for the weekend. I checked the deal sites a week before we left and ended up scoring a great deal on a city pass that lets you enjoy many attractions. In our visit this weekend, we already covered the cost for the pass, and we will be using it again the next time we travel there.

Even if you do not plan to travel far, you can save money on everything that you do. For example, taking your family fishing for the day does not have to break the bank because you can save money by purchasing a donated boat on eBay. When you buy donated boats, you can find a great deal on a high-end boat, without having to pay full price. In addition, the money goes toward children’s charities, allowing underprivileged children to have better opportunities in life. By purchasing the boat, rather than renting one, you can head out fishing with your family on any weekend, rather than waiting for a special occasion. Well, you can also rent a boat. When applying for standard boat financing, borrowers have to be prepared. They should be able to provide all the required information during the application process. Lenders use the boat specifications when evaluating the borrower’s default rate as well as the potential risk

When you travel this summer there are a number of ways that you can save. While it may only be a few dollars here and there, it will definitely add up in the end, giving you more fun money to do with what you want.

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