Retirement Guide: Should You Remodel or Move?

As we age, we may find certain tasks are harder to do and develop physical limitations. Your home may no longer meet your needs. Is remodeling an option or should you move?
How do you decide? Here are some reasons you may consider for each option.
Why should you remodel?
  • You like your neighborhood. It may be near family, friends, shopping, doctors offices, and worship center.
  • You can’t find a home in your price range in your preferred area.
  • You can’t find a home with the features you want.
  • It might be cheaper than selling.
Why should you move?
  • Moving could take less time and hassle than remodeling.
  • You don’t want to deal with the disruptions and mess that remodeling will cause.
  • Moving to a newly purchased accessible home might be cheaper than remodeling.
  • Your house is just too big for you.