Two Affordable DIY Summer Learning Activities With Magnets

Now that summer is here, you have probably heard the words, “I’m bored” come from your child’s mouth a few times. It can be frustrating trying to constantly entertain your children. In fact, most of the time they don’t even want to be entertained, but instead they want to be challenged. Give their little brains a fun learning activity with these two do-it-yourself magnet crafts.

Picture Story Magnets

Ask a kid to write a story for you, and they are more than likely going to moan and groan. This is quite comical since all kids love stories and majority of their day is made up of them, whether through reading, watching shows, or imagination play. The best way to get kids to develop stories is through picture magnets. You can use an old children’s book, preferably one that has seen better days, and cut out images from them. To make them last longer, it is best to laminate them. Then, glue a magnet on the backside.

You can also make magnets of your child doing action poses so that they can be a part of the story too. Now, use the magnets to tell your kids a story. Just make one up off the top of your head using the pictures. Then they can have turns telling stories too, using the magnets to illustrate their points. They are sure to have fun and further develop their literacy and creativity skills.

Learning to Spell with Magnets

For kids who are learning how to read and spell words, this learning activity is a great one for them. Print out several words and letters. Laminate them to make them last longer and then place magnets on them. You will then place two to three word magnets on the fridge and your child will have to choose from a pile of letters to match the spelling. For example, the word “Water” would be one magnet, and then the child would have to find the W, A, T, E, and R and arrange them underneath the word. Have the child say everything out loud. For example, “First I have to find a W.” Once your child has nailed this skill, you can move on to using homemade image magnets that the child will then have to spell out. This activity can be done with any age, just make the words harder. It is also a great way to develop new vocabulary.

Summer is supposed to be a fun vacation time, but that doesn’t mean your kids have to veg on the couch all day. These two activities will stimulate their little minds while keeping their hands busy. Remember, these two fun activities can be taken anywhere with the use of a magnetic cookie sheet.

Image Credit: Child Using Magnets by James Emery. Used under Creative Commons license.