8 Things to Consider Prior to an Office Refurbishment

Refurbishing an entire office building is a mammoth task, but every business needs to undertake a renovation every now and then to keep the company looking professional and the employees happy. Before you start planning the ins and outs of your renovation, consider the following, to help proceedings go smoothly:

3D Render Drawings

Having the office in front of you, in a 3D render drawing can help you envision what you want to take place in each area of the building. Playing with ideas in this way often means the project comes together more effectively. With a comprehensive plan, you’re less likely to make a design error and have to rectify your mistakes.

The One and Only

When you assign a project manager to the refurbishment mission, make sure you’ve got the right guy or gal for the job. Potentially, they’ll save you a lot of time and money, but they must have all the right qualities. You really don’t want to chop and change between project managers, as this can send the plans haywire.

Don’t Get Distracted By Shiny, Low Prices

Just because the office refurbishment company is offering to do the work for a song, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be saving the business money. It’s better to pay for a high quality product than scrimp on an unprofessional and unsatisfactory bodge job, that person that will get you the best pieces from the Office Furniture Online Store. Go with a well-reviewed and respectable company.


Always make sure that you’ve covered every legal base when refurbishing your office. That means sticking by guidelines and regulations, in the interest of health and safety.

Research Prices

Take a look at the market and work out how much each stage of your refurbishment will approximately cost. Doing your research will mean you’re in a less vulnerable position, when you’re picking out office refurbishment companies. Always opt for a fixed price schedule, so you’re not hampered with additional costs that take you over budget. These things can spiral out of control.

What Do People Want?

Talk to members of staff and take on board their suggestions for office improvement. Particularly pay attention to ideas that will improve efficiency and morale. Really, when it comes to the practicalities, only your employees can give you the most successful feedback.

Environmental Considerations

Being eco-friendly is largely good business practice. Not only does it recommend you as a socially responsible corporation, but energy saving systems make it easy to save a shed load on overhead costs.

Getting The Timing Right

You can’t just plough on with all the renovations, while the employees are trying to work at their desks. Although some working week modifications are unavoidable, try and schedule refurbishment to take place outside of office hours. Where that fails, aim to mitigate the damage and cause as little disruption as possible. It’s a great idea to talk to your refurbishment company about how you can do this. It’s not fair on the staff to have workmen trampling over their desk all day.

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