Motorists: What to consider when buying breakdown cover

For many drivers, motoring breakdown cover is a necessity rather than a luxury, helping to ensure that they have the assistance they need if they are faced with a breakdown on the road or within the vicinity of their home.


Not putting breakdown recovery in place will mean that you will have pay for a recovery firm to collect your vehicle, which can be up to £100 per hour plus a charge of £1 per mile. And that’s before you even start to pay for repairs at a local garage. Depending on the time and location you might even struggle to get your car repaired at all.


Attempting to fix your car yourself could be even more problematic. Some of us are gifted DIY mechanics but the majority are not. In addition, many modern cars require diagnostic equipment and specialist tools. It can also be far more dangerous working on a vehicle without the added security of flashing lights, warning signs and high visibility clothing. This is especially important on the motorway hard shoulder but high speed A roads with limited visibility can also be particularly dangerous and collisions can occur on any road.


This is why taking out breakdown cover is so crucial, ensuring that professionals will always be on hand in the event of breakdown to carry out any necessary repairs and get you back on the move.


Here are just some of the things motorists need consider when taking out breakdown cover.


  • As with most financial products, you can usually save money by paying annually rather than monthly. When you pay monthly you are in essence purchasing credit and there is usually a charge for doing so. By paying for your breakdown cover annually you also benefit from the peace of mind that comes from knowing help is at hand if you do happen to break down.


  • A single breakdown could potentially cost more than an entire year’s worth of breakdown cover but there are ways to save even further. Firstly, it always pays to shop around. Don’t just compare prices but also the level of cover and service provided. Breakdown cover can be bought on its own or it may sometimes be more cost effective to add it as an extra to your new or existing car insurance.


  • Make sure you get the level of cover you need. Some policies allow you to choose between roadside assistance only or roadside assistance and recovery. It may also be important to check whether the cover is for a named vehicle or the driver. Some policies also provide cover abroad – usually with a partner company in the country you are visiting providing the actual assistance.