Two New Places to Sell Your “Stuff” and Get Better Results

So, you’ve got a house full of stuff, and you could use some extra money.  Yeah, me, too.

You’re probably aware of the traditional ways to sell your items–place a for sale ad in the paper (does anyone do this anymore?), have a garage sale, list on Craigslist or list on eBay.

I’ve had the best luck with options 3 and 4.  However, lately with Craigslist, I’ve gotten zero responses to some of the items I’ve listed.  This is especially true of outgrown baby/toddler clothes and gear.

I still like eBay, but I really dislike having to pay the fees and taking time to box everything up and wait at the post office.  (I don’t know if all post offices do this, but at our local post office, even if you print off the shipping in your home, you have to wait in line so they can weigh it and make sure the shipping you paid for is correct.)

However, there are some more productive options you may not know about.

Join a Facebook group.  Not just any group, of course, but one that is related to the items you want to sell.  For instance, I have a lot of novels and short story collection books from my college days.  If I’m lucky, I could sell each one at a garage sale for .25, but chances are, most of them wouldn’t sell.  Instead, now that we’ve decided to homeschool, I’ve joined a few homeschool curriculum swap Facebook groups.  These are the perfect place to sell these books because many homeschooling families want the books for their kids.

I also love to buy Gymboree clothes for my kids (at rock bottom prices, of course), and then I resell them on eBay after the kids outgrow them.  However, there’s a Facebook group specifically to resell Gymboree clothes.  I’ll try selling clothes there this year to bypass the eBay fees.

Whatever you have to sell, type in that word in Facebook and you may find a group that you could join and sell your things there.  However, if the group is not specifically to sell items, read the rules first to make sure that you’re allowed to sell items.

Look for local mailing lists.  A friend just recently tipped me off that there is an e-mail list for moms in our area.  This list comes out daily and has a list of items for sale.  I list what I want to sell on Craigslist, but I also list on this mom’s list e-mail.  Of the 5 things I’ve listed recently, nothing has sold on Craigslist; they’ve all sold to a mom from the mom list.  These things sell quickly, too, usually within 24 hours.  Can’t beat that!

Finding this type of list is a bit more difficult, but ask friends in your circle if they know of anything like this.  If you can find one (or even start one yourself), you’ll likely find a market for selling your stuff.

If you have clutter that you want to sell, consider these new markets.  Facebook groups are targeted, so you have a ready-made audience for your items, which means they sell more quickly.