Would a job in finance suit you?

Whilst there has been lots of negative press about financial institutions in the last few years, a job in finance can still provide you with a rewarding and exciting career. From working for yourself as a mortgage adviser or managing the trading floor at a global bank, the range of options available is endless. So whether you are looking for a stable job in an office or a career that includes some travel and promotion opportunities, you should check out the financial services industry.

What are the benefits of working in finance?

  • Good pay. The financial services sector regularly comes top in pay polls. It also comes out top for self-employed earnings, with those individuals working in the financial sector earning far in excess of the average U.K. salary.
  • With the world of finance being a truly global one you could have an exciting and varied career. Particularly with larger financial institutions, there are many opportunities for travel or even living and working abroad.
  • Great promotion prospects. If you work hard and embrace the environment then it is possible to progress through the ranks quite quickly in many financial institutions.
  • In a big firm you will have the opportunity to change jobs and work in different areas of the business. There is a lot more flexibility than in some types of firm where you can end up stuck in the same role for years.
  • The world of finance is dynamic and fast-paced so you won’t have time to get bored. The markets are always moving and financial firms are always innovating with new products and I.T. solutions.

What kind of jobs are out there?

There is a huge variety of different roles available in the world of finance. Let’s have a look at a few financial jobs you could potentially do from home:

  • There are a range of corporate financial roles that can be done as a freelancer or with only one or two days in the office each week. These roles include accountants, financial analysts and software programmers such as those working at Sungard.com/APT/. If you have worked for a larger financial institution you may be able to take more control of your career and work freelance. You will already have the background and good contacts to enable you to set up your own business.
  • Day trading can be done from home and, whilst there is no guaranteed salary, a successful day trader can make a lot of money. Day traders execute numerous short-term trades and you would need up-to-the-minute market information at your fingertips to be able to do this. Click here to see the range of professional portfolio management software available. This way of life would not suit everyone as you can make large losses very quickly and you need to have the cash available for investment.
  • Financial writing can be done from home and you don’t generally need any specialised software. There has been a huge increase in the amount of financial information and commentary available and a good financial writer can be very much in demand.
  • Independent financial advisers can choose to train in a number of different types of finance. You could choose to specialise in small businesses, tax, mortgages or a number of other different fields. You can be flexible to suit your client’s need and a good financial adviser will normally visit at a time to suit their client. This also means that you can easily work from home and won’t need an office for your clients to visit.

What do I need to work in finance?

  • An education to degree level will be expected for higher level jobs in a financial institution. The subject is not necessarily important but a good business mind and proven skills will be. Don’t forget that financial institutions need lots of types of staff including human resources,  public relations, legal and compliance, administrative and I.T staff amongst others.
  • You can also train as a financial adviser which will give you the opportunity of working for yourself. You can often study for these qualifications on a flexible basis which would allow you to retrain without leaving your current job.
  • If you don’t have a glowing academic background then don’t despair, some very successful people in the world of finance started at the bottom and worked their way up.