Things You Really Shouldn’t Be Paying For

Is money tight? The best way to save cash in the first place is to avoid paying for anything you can get for free. You certainly should shy away from getting swindled. Here are just a few things that you shouldn’t be paying for in 2013:


We’ve all heard about the PPI nightmare. If you think you have a case, contact the bank directly, instead of going through a company that promises to handle your claim, for 25% of your PPI reimbursement. PPI representatives actually can’t talk to these companies – they need to speak directly to you for security reasons.

You’re effectively being swindled – all they will do is send off your application form (which you will have to fill in yourself). You can do this, for the price of a stamp, instead of 25% of your compensation.

Block Nuisance Calls

Scammers and fraudsters will try to reach into your pocket through your telephone. Block numbers for free with The Telephone Preference Service (TPS). Ignore any companies that try to charge you for this service. If blocked numbers try to contact you afterwards, they are breaking the law, so seek criminal law advice.

Learning New Skills

It seems like self-improvement carries a huge price tag. Whether it’s a cooking day course or a string of foreign language lessons, can you really afford to fork out hundreds of pounds? If you have your own talents, try your Local Skill Swap or Skillbound. Here you can exchange skills with someone else for no money whatsoever. You have to be prepared to teach your skill, however.

Furniture Collection

Most councils will charge you for anything that needs to be skipped. But if your used furniture is still fully-functioning, get in contact with a charity. Many accept these donations and will even come to pick them up from your door, meaning very little inconvenience for you.

Building A Website

You can actually make quite a lot of money off the back of a successful website, but that doesn’t mean that you have to pay for your domain. Moonfruit and Webs offer free page templates.

Holiday Accommodation

Why pay a lot of money to house yourself on your vacation away, when you swap houses with another family or individual, Holiday-style. There are plenty of websites that facilitate this, so get cleaning your home and pay absolutely nothing for your get-away.

Alternatively, you could try couch-surfing. This way, you can make friends too!


Don’t go to a Career’s Advisor for careers advice, unless you want to pay through the nose for their two pennies’ worth. Instead, explore your options online with the National Career Service.

Medical Help

The NHS used to run quite an expensive line for health advice. Now, you can call 111 free of charge or check your symptoms online. 111 is designed to deal with urgent concerns that aren’t 999 emergency-worthy. Whatever you do, don’t call their old 0845 number, or you could find yourself with a pricey phone bill.