Saving on your car

A car is something that few people can live without these days. Whether you use it to travel or for your daily commute, the car is something that you’ll often need. And this is especially true for people with children, who have to drop them off and pick them up from school, take them to places for their extracurricular activities and basically show them the world. A car, unfortunately, is also something that you’re constantly putting money on. Even if you buy a new car, which is more or less guaranteed not to give you a lot of trouble right away, you’ll still need to pay for the insurance, the loan for the car and, of course, gasoline – not to mention periodic checkups and oil changes. These things can start stacking up and you may find that having a car is a lot more expensive than you first expected it to be. And with gasoline prices soaring, it’s even more expensive than it used to be not too long ago. We want to give you some advice on how to save up on your car, and we hope that a combination of these pieces of advice will serve to make a noticeable dent on your overall car expenses.

First of all, if you’re paying for a car you might want to try and refinance your loan. It’s a long shot, but banks are offering this opportunity to a lot of loans and you might just make the cut. If you have an accountant, or have a friend who is knowledgeable in these things, they might help you find alternative ways to pay your car loan faster or to reduce the monthly installments.

Car insurance is another thing that you might be able to save on. Next time you need to renew your insurance policy you can look for ways to pay less for it. Sometimes something as simple as having some extra driving lessons may b e enough to fulfill a clause in the contract that’ll allow the premium to go down. But remember that the best way to save on insurance is not to have accidents. As years go by without you causing the company any sort of expense, the premiums will really start going down.

Both of the above problems can also be worked on in another way: you might consider getting a different car. The problem with cars is that they lose value constantly, so the concepts of upgrading or downgrading are a little awkward when you apply them to cars. Still, trading cars may be a solution to pay a smaller monthly installment on the loan. When it comes to insurance, cars with extra safety features and that do well in safety tests tend to have bonuses on their insurance premium.

A different car may also make a difference in your monthly gasoline expense. Advice to save gasoline is something that a lot of people look for, but sometimes don’t like the answer. Yes, if you drive slower and take more time to reach certain speeds instead of flooring the gas pedal you will save gas.

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