Three Tips to Save Money on Halloween This Year

If you couldn’t already tell by the store displays and kids already running around in their costumes, Halloween is only a month a way. Whether you love Halloween or just celebrate fall festivities with your church, we have a few ways you can save money this month.

Saving on Pumpkins: Have you ever taken your kids to those pumpkin patches that offer rides, ponies, and more? It is a fun afternoon for your kids, but after the whole family picks out their pumpkins, usually your wallet is feeling a little lighter. Instead, get your pumpkins from cheaper sources, such as the supermarket. You can still let your kids enjoy the fun of a pumpkin patch by participating in the affordable activities and by bribing them with ice cream and pumpkin picking at the store. If you can convince your family to go this way, you can save $20-30.

Saving On Costumes: Everyone knows that the best and most creative costumes are ones that are made. Don’t believe me? Just Google “Up Baby Costume” for a cute and frugal rendition of Pixar’s Up. Costumes do not have to come from a store to be adorable or cool. Just decide (or have your child decide) what to be, and then go from there. Do you want to be a certain celebrity or singer? Whatever the desired look, most items can be found around your home or bought at a thrift store. For example, if your daughter is into Princess Sophia, that costume can set you back $45 or more. Instead, you can buy a lavender girl’s pageant dress from Ebay for less than $10 and accessorize with a pretend crown and jewels from around the house or find some at the Dollar store. A little imagination goes a long way. Just take a look at Pinterest for more ideas.

Saving On Candy: Candy is another huge expense when it comes to Halloween. I know I am not alone in admitting that I have to buy multiple bags of candy just because my family and me end up indulging before Halloween. You can find good deals on candy at stores that have bulk bins, like Winco. Obviously only get candies that are individually wrapped. Amazon also has some big bags of candy too, such as Tootsie Roll’s 760 Piece Bag for $19.15.

You don’t want to be known as the house that gives out gross candy, but you also don’t want to waste $20 on candy that will only make you have to buy bigger pants November 1st.

It is important to save as much as possible on Halloween since Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are right around the corner too. How do you save money on Halloween or the Fall Festival?

Image used under Creative Commons license