The Best Value Cars of 2013

With today’s competitive prices, there’s no need to sacrifice safety or comfort if you’re buying a new car on a budget. Yet the best value cars offer more than just a low starting price and top notch features; they will also offer you good value for money in the long term. To calculate the long term cost of ownership, you’ll need to think about additional factors including maintenance, repairs, fuel, and insurance costs. The following 2013 models all offer great value for money within this framework.

Toyota Yaris

The Yaris was recently remodelled in 2012, and the 2013 version includes more equipment as a standard feature. For example, you’ll get the full Tech Audio package on all trim levels. This includes six speakers, Bluetooth, hands-free calling, and iPod connectivity. The Yaris is also head of the class in terms of safety, with nine airbags included as standard kit. Fuel and maintenance costs are low over time, with a decent fuel economy and warranty package.

Nissan Leaf

Electric cars tend to be hindered by their high starting prices, but the Nissan Leaf seems primed to truly break into the mainstream with its relatively low starting price and good value for your money, and by choosing a traders insurance you can also save up a lot of money. The Leaf can travel for 124 miles on a single charge, and easily be recharged during the workday or overnight. Standard equipment includes a digital dashboard, Bluetooth, and climate control, giving a sense of luxury to what is at heart a prime economic option.

Volkswagen Up!

Those looking for a small city car will enjoy the petite size and high end features of the Volkswagen Up. This attractive super-mini is ideal for squeezing into tight spaces, and with low running costs and the safety features that one would expect from a Volkswagen, it comes at a bargain price. Volkswagen vehicles tend to offer low rates of depreciation, making it a worthy investment at the same time.

Honda Civic

Families will appreciate the space and smooth handling ability of the latest Honda Civic model. One unique feature is its “Magic Seats” option, which allows you to flip the backseats for extra storage space in the rear of the car. The dashboard includes an impressive selection of the most current electronic features, along with climate control and digital displays. With a fuel efficiency of 78.5 mpg, you will also save big time at the pump over the years.

Ford Focus

With the boost provided by the Ford’s Econetic engine, the Focus’s mileage exceeds even the Honda Civic, with a claimed MPG of 83.1. The Ford Focus also offers a spacious, comfortable cabin and is a genuine joy to drive. Looking at resale values of past models, you’ll note that the Focus retains its value well over the years. This makes it a more worthwhile investment than many competitors.

Kia Soul

The Soul may stand out immediately for its interesting exterior styling, but inside what you have is an extremely cost-effective and practical car. Maintenance and fuel costs are low over a five-year period, and the Kia Soul was rated a Top Safety Pick from the IIHS. It also comes equipped with all the latest bells and whistles, with a USB port, Bluetooth, and handy steering wheel controls to boost its safety factor.