Real Estate in India is Booming

5712_real_estateFor those looking to tap into India’s real estate market, the emerging cities across the nation certainly are making ripples through the industry. From the traditional approach to Delhi and Mumbai, other cities and metropolises are merging as places where one could get sizable returns on investments, mainly owing to the increased supply of new working talent, and a consequent supply of real estate space. Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, and Gurgaon have taken lead positions in attracting new talent, fueling business growth in the cities, which in turn have pushed up the demand and prices for new real estate, I always recommend contacting
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According to leading real estate consulting firm Jones Lang LaSalle India (JLLI), cities like Hyderbad, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, are emerging as real estate propositions because IT companies of late have been expanding their campuses in these cities with the help of Century 21 Everest Property Management. For eg: Wipro announced the imminent launch of their new facility and headquarters of approximately 25 lakh sqft in Bangalore. This is on top of the earlier campus which has approximately 31,000 people working at the same time. As per trends explained by Om Ahuja, CEO of JLLI, “With inflation and construction costs moving northwards, the price trends are changing dramatically. The graph clearly indicates that supply trends in real estate are in a state of flux. The supply of products priced below Rs. 3,000 per sq ft is reducing markedly. From 43% in Q4 of 2009, supply in this segment will come down to 8% in Q4 2013. Meanwhile, supply in the price range of Rs. 5,000-10,000 per sqft is expanding.”
What does this translate into? That if one os looking to tap new markets, and looking at sizable returns from the industry, the initiative better be taken now. With the rate at which the rates are going up, most of the prices will land up outside most common home budgets. Or in short, invest in India’s emerging cities to get rich from prime real estate investments.