While individual home seekers have their own unique set of preferences they look for when searching for new property, it appears they can all agree on one thing – and that’s the most popular time to inquire about properties as well as when to call up for a viewing.

According to recent research, it appears that the weekend is the most popular time for viewings – namely, Saturday. The majority of respondents surveyed (82 per cent) confirmed that they preferred Saturday viewings, 72 per cent voted for Sundays while 50 per cent favoured weekday evenings.

Times that were inappropriate for viewings included weekday mornings and afternoons; with only 20 per cent stating this as an ideal period.

Additionally, the report also detailed the most popular time to send an email or phone up about a property; with around a third of enquiries generally done outside of office hours – usually between 8am and midnight.

However, it was Monday and Tuesday lunchtimes that saw the most interest across the homeseeker’s community; with many tenants taking this midday break as the opportune moment to arrange viewings.

A spokesperson for Total Landlord Insurance commented: “Given how quickly potential tenants act to secure viewings, it’s essential that landlords are prepared to clear their schedule in anticipation for the slew of oncoming enquiries once a property becomes available.

“This data provides a valuable insight into a particular demographic and their habits, and it would be worthwhile for landlords and letting agents to accommodate to these measures. Even if they can’t be available immediately, it’s best to be flexible as they can’t afford to waste any letting opportunities.”

Many landlords are now making a more conscious effort to be ‘switched on’; by ensuring they can readily respond to emails or calls as and when they happen.

“Naturally, weekends offer the optimal time to enquire about accommodation as well as book in viewings,” added the spokesperson.

“That’s why many landlords have welcomed the idea of holding an ‘open house’ as people can get the best of both worlds from this – with more people able to view the property whilst expanding the options of prospective tenants for landlords. Additionally, properties also look much better in the daylight – but also allows visitors to spend more time getting to know both the property and the landlord.”

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