5 Dinners in 1 Hour Meal Review Part 2: Do The Meals Actually Taste Good?

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 7.26.50 AMLast time I told you about my experiences with the 5-Dinners-in-1-Hour meal plan. I am happy that majority of the six meals I made were tasty and ones that I will be making again. So without further ado, here are my final thoughts on the meals and meal plan.

Baked Ziti – Very good! Mine was a little watery, but that could just be because of the pasta I used or the pan I used. Husband liked it, and even my picky 16-month old gobbled it up the next day when I had it for lunch. I did add a little bit of meat too, since meat-free meals aren’t that popular around my home. 4/5 stars

Spicy Chicken Cacciatore– This was a good meal too. Husband and I both enjoyed it. 5/5 stars

Cilantro Lime Salmon – This was just disgusting. There was so much lime going on. My husband is not picky about his food, but this dish definitely put him in a bad mood. 0/5 stars

Slow Chicken Taco Soup – I had my doubts about making this soup because it just seemed too simple to be tasty. This was definitely my favorite dish out of all the ones I tried, and I ate way too much of it for dinner. My husband is not a soup fan, but he liked this soup. This recipe is definitely going in our regular line-up. 5/5 stars

Almond Crusted Chicken – This dish was definitely tasty with a little Parmesan cheese on top, but both my husband and I felt like it was missing something. We both agreed that some kind of sauce, such as a Ranch-type sauce drizzled on top would have made this dish perfect. While this dish was good, I did have some issues with the assembling. Tahini sauce is called in the recipe to add to the egg wash. However, I felt this did nothing to the dish or flavor, and it ended up being a waste of money. Perhaps next time I will try dipping the chicken in the egg, then spreading a little tahini sauce on it, then rolling it in almonds to see how that taste. 4/5 stars

Asian Beef Salad – This dish sounded so good, but it was just blah. In fact, it was so blah I did not serve it to my husband, who does not consider salad a suitable dinner choice. 2/5 stars

Overall, I loved how easy this system is. What I really love is that I felt that I saved money for the two weeks I did these dinners, as well as a lot of time and stress. I will definitely be trying more recipes in the future and figuring out how to make some of my favorite recipes fit in the 5 dinners in 1-hour format.

I did notice, however, that from September to November that the three menus can be a bit repetitive. This means that I probably will not continue my subscription, yet I will instead check it out again in a few months to see if any new menus have been added. I definitely think that the 3-month subscription is worth the price so that you can get access to 36 different menus (4 menus each month and three different plans to look at). It is easy to find the perfect recipes from scanning all three menu categories each month.  Also, the membership comes with a neat menu-building tool that will also help you put your favorites together.

All in all, I did enjoy this site and will use this method of cooking perhaps once a month since it is so enjoyable. I am looking more into freezer cooking, as well, so I will update you on that process next week.

 I was in no way asked or given any incentives to do this review.