Consider Giving Different Holiday Gifts This Year

This year, I’ve decided to step away from the Christmas hype.  No, I won’t stop buying Christmas presents as Robert Fulghum, author of All I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, did one year.  (Though I must admit that sometimes hopping off the holiday commercial train would be welcome!)  Instead, I plan to buy presents that will not only please my family members but will also help the sellers.

This year, I plan to buy many of my presents from local vendors and from people with Etsy stores or from international artisans that sell on sites like Novica.


I have had the pleasure of being a work at home mom for the last three years.  Over the last few years, I’ve noticed that more and more women (and some men) are pursuing this option.  In a world where two incomes are often a necessity, working from home provides a nice balance so I can care for my children and pursue my own career.

The longer I work from home while caring for my kids, the more I come to realize how important it is to support others who are doing the same thing.

Plus, I want to take a stand against large corporations and greed.

When I was young, the push for buying Christmas gifts began immediately after Thanksgiving.  While the holiday was still commercialized, at least the corporate greed was contained to the four or five weeks before Christmas itself.

Now, stores are putting out Christmas decorations in September.  September!  Why?  Because they want our money and will start as early as possible to make sure that they get it.  I don’t want to support a company that cares so much about their bottom line that they virtually eradicate Thanksgiving.

Between wanting to support local and family artisans, I also want to take a stand and NOT support big corporations.

If you, too, want to support local businesses, consider perusing Etsy.  There are so many beautiful gifts to give there such as crafts, handmade scarves, handmade dolls, the list goes on.

Another option is Novica.  Novica works with local artisans around the world to help them sell their handmade wares.  In return, they get a fair wage and a global platform to sell their goods.  I’ve bought several items from Novica, and I’ve been impressed every time.

Finally, consider buying items from local vendors.  Visit your local gift shops or buy specialty items from local businesses.  My husband loves different types of meats, so this year, I’ll be buying him several sausages from a local company that just opened this summer.

Of course, we’re all free to spend our money any way we’d like, and it’s true that supporting local companies makes it impossible to buy an iPad, for instance.  Still, for the Christmas holiday I’d rather put my money where it would do the most good for individuals rather than lining the pockets of a corporation that is seeking to make as much money as possible.

Do you ever try to make a statement with the Christmas presents that you buy?  Do you think it’s unfair to do so?