Working To Live Or Living To Work?

The concept of work and its role in a human’s life has always been somehow controversial in whether job is a ‘need to’ or a ‘want to’. The whole American dream is by its nature based on this contradiction as one’s achievement is measured not by an existing standard (as it doesn’t really exist) but by one’s personal goals, in other words, whether one does what he wants to and earns a decent amount of money for it or whether one works to support oneself and does what he likes as a hobby.


Sadly, most people perceive their jobs as a tedious must that has to be done on a regular basis in order to make money. However, there are particular professions whose representatives succeed in earning everyday satisfaction and moral fulfillment.


So, who are those lucky ones? It would be strange is the list wasn’t topped by teachers. Contrary to the conventional idea that one starts teaching others when his own career is over, education and molding young minds is a niche where one can really feel rewarded. And they have an infinite number of occasions to feel so – from their students coping with particular challenges during classes to hearing on the news about some of their students’ success.


School administrators constitute another layer of the society quite content with their professional position. And, of course, it would be wrong not to mention some other ‘social’ greatly appreciated jobs like firefighters and clergy. The first ones tend to receive an unwritten hero status as that’s what they are in the collective consciousness. The second ones are also honorary for obvious reasons; in the end, providing moral and ethical guidance through life and bestowing the feeling of happiness to people’s hearts is not a task for anyone.


Nurses and doctors are an inherent number two in the list as no one can disprove their valuable part in the society. Apart from challenges carried by the profession itself, they have to face the biggest one before embarking on their career journey – education, which requires plenty of time and effort and can be quite costly. Keeping one’s body sound and healthy comes hand in hand with sports, which gives bright job prospect to fitness instructors. Working in the sphere brings generous financial reward, flexible hours and imparting joy to those who managed to lose weight or get rid of back problems thanks to the help of their trainers. Another great benefit of the job is the ability to stay in shape at all times and being able to compete with celebrities in physical attractiveness. Physical therapists enclose the circle of valued healthcare professions who earn their bread and gratitude by assisting people in recovering from physical or mental injuries. If you’re looking for one, then go to


Another high-ranking on job satisfaction surveys professional field is represented by financial planners. The job also requires quite a bit of education and training, but however mundane it may sound, its representatives actually provide people with practical advice and guidance in reaching their life goals. Whereas their customers have a strong motivation, lack of knowledge in finance might be a serious obstacle for a rapid achievement, and money managers are the ones meant to fill in those knowledge gaps, not to mention they are paid a decent amount of money for such services.


And the last but not the least on the list are the ‘creative’ types – chefs, authors, artists etc. Succeeding in one of these careers means actual transfer of the beloved activity into business and gaining acknowledgement of one’s skills – what can be better? You can check out the most up-to-date job offers at