Freezer Meals and Saving Money – Is It Worth It?

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 4.03.26 PM“Thank you for dinner, hon. It was good,” my husband said one night. “I’m glad you liked it; I made it two months ago,” was probably not the reply he was expecting. In fact, when I first said it, his look grew a little worrisome (perhaps disgusted). Of course, I was not serving him a dish that had been sitting around in the fridge for two months, but I had served him one of my freezer meals.

Freezer meals are quite popular sites like Pinterest. The idea of spending a whole day or weekend planning out your meals for the month and then freezing them is a noble concept. It is also a tiring one.

As much as I love making freezer meals and having the big dinner question solved, I hate making plans and shopping lists. I also want my freezer cooking sessions to be as simple as possible. One site that makes both of these goals possible is Once a Month Meals.

Once a Month Meals does it all – well, except the cooking and cleaning. With a subscription, you get access to many meal plans, including specialty diet menus, such as Paleo or Gluten and Dairy Free.

swappable-300x250With this site, your job is simple. You pick which menu you want to eat, then you print out the grocery list and instructions and go from there. The best part is that you can swap meals between menus. For example, when I took a look at their November menu, I was a little overwhelmed with all of the Thanksgiving-type dishes. It was no big deal to swap them out though. Just click on the meal that you don’t wish to make, and a search engine pops up to help you find a meal you do want to make.

Another great feature about Once a Month Meals is that they have Mini menus. These are great for when you only want to make a few dishes at a time. My favorite meals came from the mini Paleo kids menu and the Chicken mini menu (not yet swappable).

When it comes to saving money and time, freezer meals are the way to go. I enjoyed doing the 5-Dinners-in-1-Hour type meal preparation, but to be honest, I love having it all done once a month rather than once a week. My feet my be sore at the end of the freezer meal prep, but dinner literally takes less than 5 minutes to prepare for the rest of the month. Clean up is also quite quick, since I either just throw the bag away or just have one dish pan to clean.

What are your thoughts on freezer meals?

All thoughts and opinions are my own. Once a Month Meals provided a trial membership. All images are property of Once a Month Meals.