4 Cheap Ways to Lose Weight

With the New Year just around the corner, chances are you’ve been making that New Year’s Resolution list and have added “lose weight” to the top of the list. It’s no wonder that it losing weight and going on a diet ranks among the top New Year’s Resolutions year after year, and yet research shows that only 8% of resolution-makers actually stick with their goals.

Don’t let that be you.

If money has been a setback in your quest to mlose weight and eat healthy, then fear no more. Here are four cheap ways for you to lose weight:

My Fitness Pal : Track your food intake online with My Fitness Pal. You can easily customize your plan to alter calories, as well as track protein, fat, carb, and sugar intake. With thousands of foods already entered for you, you simply have to search for your food and add it to your list. This free resource is user-friendly and easy on the pocket.

Bikini Body Mommy Challenge: This completely free online workout program was designed by a mom for moms. The workouts are typically under 30 minutes and there’s enough flexibility to switch some days around to best suit your schedule. The before and after photos are enough to want to make you get off your couch. What’s more, there’s a new 90-day challenge starting Jan. 6—so hop on the band wagon and join a Facebook group for some motivational effort.

Jamie Eason LiveFit Trainer: If you’re a little bit more advanced than the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge, try to move on to Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer. The complete 12-week program offers a step-by-step in-depth weight lifting program. And the best part? The first four weeks is cardio-free! This program will ease you into losing weight, gaining muscle and getting into shape quick by buying from roids stores. You’ll be even more motivated to stick with the program when you see the quick results from the combination of lifting weights, clean eating, and cardio.

YouTube workout videos: If you’re in a pinch and don’t have access to a gym, there are several workout videos available for free through YouTube, including Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred, which promises to shred your body fast—in 30 days! There’s no excuse to not gear up your computer, get off your couch, and launch into a hyper twenty-minute sweat session.

This year, don’t let your resolution fall to the wayside. Commit yourself by having a plan. Plan out your workouts, cross them off when you do them, and meal plan for success also prevent shin splints, those suck. They say the hardest part is getting yourself off the couch. So find a workout buddy that will keep you motivated. Even if it’s strictly through social media, email, or texting—have someone to keep you accountable.

You’ll be on your way to losing weight and getting in shape in no time!