6 Last Minute Gift Ideas

last minute gift ideasThere are only a few days left until Christmas Day (can you believe it?)

This has to be one of the fastest years yet, and if you are still struggling to think of a few last minute gift ideas, we’ve got you covered!

Below are a handful of gifts that would work well for both the men and women in your life. Enjoy, and be safe this holiday season!

1. Bottle of Liquor

This is such an easy gift. A bottle of wine or bourbon would definitely be a nice addition to any man or woman’s gift stash. This is what I bought for my brother and my brothers-in-law. I know that they’ll enjoy it and use it. Plus, you can look in the paper for sales and coupons. There are tons of them this time of year year because they have to get rid of all of those holiday gift sets!

2. Subscription to a Magazine

A magazine subscription is a great gift for anyone on your list. Usually when you get one, it takes 2-3 months to kick in, but it’s basically the gift that keeps on giving all year. Subscriptions are usually pretty affordable too, so whether your family member loves home design or cooking or anything else under the sun, you can find a magazine to fit their hobbies.

3. Gift Cards

This might not seem like it’s thoughtful, but it really, really is. Everyone loves shopping, picking out their own gifts, and whipping out a gift card to pay for it. You get bonus points if you get a gift card to the whole mall. Then, the recipient of your gift can truly pick whatever store they want. This works especially well for all of your teenage nieces and nephews whose tastes are constantly changing.

4. A Pound of Coffee

If you’re like me, you’re frugal when it comes to coffee choices. So, sometimes it’s fun to get a nicer bag of it or try something you’ve never had before. You can do the same thing if you have a tea lover in the family. Get them some exotic tea with a tea strainer all included in a gift bag. Also, they have one of those Keurig machines, you can get them a variety of different coffees or ciders to try too!

5. A Box of Chocolate

Chocolate is a great holiday gift because most people love it. You can get a box of assorted chocolates or a certain type of candy and make someone really happy. It’s a super easy gift that will definitely please the masses. I know I wouldn’t cry if I had a big box of chocolates under the tree!

6. A Christmas Ornament

This close to Christmas you’d be surprised at how many ornaments are on sale! Pick out a fun one for your family member, and they will think of you every year they put it on their tree. My husband and I bought ornaments for our babies that aren’t here just yet, and they were half price because it’s so close to Christmas.

I’m sure there are many more awesome last minute gift ideas, so if you have some, please leave them in the comments below!

Photo Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.net